Winter!! It’s Time to Pamper Your Skin and Hair with Shea Butter

Winter!! It’s Time to Pamper Your Skin and Hair with Shea Butter

Shea butter was always a skin and hair care sensation. However, lately, it has become the talk of talks at each corner on the earth. You can just ditch some of your beauty care products and you will find Shea butter an idea alternative. In the creamy structure, Shea butter comes with enriching properties and offers amazing benefits to both skin and hair.

Want to win the game against winter dryness?

Add Shea butter in your skin and hair care regimen then. The cold weather of winter season makes both skin and scalp drier and vulnerable. Shea butter benefits with nourishment and hydration skin and hair need to make them healthy and strong.

The best factor that has made Shea butter a beauty secret is that this creamy butter is 100% natural! This winter, before getting disappointed from expensive products with no satisfying result, use pure Shea butter and get incredible beauty care benefits.

Anyway, let’s explore how you can make use of Shea butter as winter care.

A Powerful Skin Protector

Winter comes and damage skin. But with Shea butter in your beauty care product, you can stay at a bay of the high chances of skin damage. Shea butter is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that create a protective layer over the skin surface and prevent damage.

As A Frizz Fighter

Curly hair is one of the style statements popular in today’s ladies. It fascinates them a lot. But frizziness is a hassle associated with this style. Does it mean to skip this style statement? Never! Don’t worry. Shea butter is there to make your soul happy. All you need to do is to take a small amount of Shea butter, apply on your hair and leave it for an hour before shampooing.

To Soften Up The Lips

The cold winds of the winter dehydrates lips, leave it dry, cracked and flaky. Slathering a little amount of Shea butter on lip before bedtime will soften, smoothen and plump your lips.

To Fight The Signs Of Skin Ageing

In addition to being a highly moisturizing product, Shea butter is an excellent anti-aging product. It can remove skin ageing signs surprisingly. So, here is your natural anti-ageing cream.

Dry And Flaky Scalp, Be Gone!

Dry scalp – one of the common winter problems. If you are looking for the solution, the Shea butter is the best and natural moisturizer that can fight against dry scalp issues. Melt an amount of Shea butter and message it on your scalp for a few minutes and leave it for around 20 minutes to wash off with a mild shampoo.

Keep Dandruff At Bay

Dandruff is another winter season issue that most of the people suffer. And the culprit is actually dry scalp. Use Shea butter as directed in the previous paragraph to remove all dry scalp problems at once.

To Tame The Winter Rashes

The colder months can cause winter rashes and these are real. Shea butter has incredible healing properties that can nourish skin. So, use Shea butter on rashes that you have got during the winter.

For A Smooth Shaving Experience

Shaving is harsh during the dryness of winter. In fact, the result can be worst and injure you. Slather a little amount of Shea butter on your skin before shaving and experience a smooth shaving time. Don’t worry about cut or bruises. You can also apply Shea butter after shaving.

To Condition Your Hair

Shea butter is an excellent natural conditioner for hair because of high nourishing and moisturising properties present in it. Use Shea butter twice a week for your deep hair conditioning treatment and you won’t have to worry about dry and fragile hair during the winter.

Cracked Heels? Not Anymore!

Again we are going to discuss a common winter issue. The weather can suck out the moisture of your heels and crack it. Message Shea butter on your heels or all over the feet after cleaning each night and get rid of this winter issue.

We, African Fair Trade Society, care for all who suffer from these issues each winter. So, we offer pure Shea butter to help out each of them.

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