How Long Shea Butter Takes to Work Effectively on Skin and Hair

How Long Shea Butter Takes to Work Effectively on Skin and Hair
There is no denying that Shea butter benefits your skin a lot. It can soften the skin, reduce the appearance of bruises, heal acne scars, and more. Are you new to using this natural fat? Then you are definitely curious about how long it takes to work effectively, right? Well, whether it’s your skin or hair, a daily application can lead you to experience undeniable benefits. Now, read the entire blog to know more in this regard.

How Quickly Does Shea Butter Work?

Shea butter should penetrate and reach several layers of skin tissues to provide an effective result. It’s actually a blend of different fats, like stearic, oleic, and palmitic acids, which can interact with the fat present in the skin. One of the main components of Shea butter is lupeol which is majorly responsible for skin’s appearance.

According to experts, it’s highly advisable to use unrefined Shea butter daily on your skin. It’s proved that those who are using Shea butter for months or years benefitted a lot to get rid of rough skin patches and other skin issues.

You can’t expect overnight or an instant result after using Shea butter. This natural solution takes a bit longer than chemical products. But different people have different skin types. And how quickly Shea butter will work on your skin majorly depends on this factor. But if you want to combat skin issues, you will get an effective result of Shea butter within a few weeks. And when it comes to moisturizing your dry hair, some realize the effect after one use, while others need to wait several weeks to notice the difference.

Many research shows that Shea butter works best if you leave it on your skin for 8 hours per day. Its moisturizing effect is immediate. But if you want to deal with an anti-ageing appearance, it may take weeks to produce results. It actually depends on your skin cell turnover rate. By using consistent use of unrefined Shea butter, you will notice firmer and smoother skin within three to six months.

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