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The African Fair Trade Society only carries 100% pure unrefined shea butter. If shea butter has been refined, it has been through one or more chemical processes, this leads it to lose its healing properties. It’s these healing properties, combined with the unparalleled moisturizing abilities that set shea butter apart from everything else.

Shea Butter has a very high “healing fraction”, up to 12% of the butter’s make-up (more than any other type of seed oil). These amazing healing properties have shown great success in treating various skin problems such as wrinkles, blemishes, skin allergies, eczema, and other skin conditions. Shea Butter can be used when treating minor cuts, scrapes, and soothing sunburns. Shea butter also has the ability to reduce inflammation, which makes shea butter the premiere product to speed the healing of skin that has undergone cosmetic surgery or tattooing.

Shea Butter has a naturally occurring latex that places an “active seal” on your skin. The moisture of your skin is sealed in while the shea butter protects your skin from outside environmental factors, such as dirt and pollution. Your skin is nourished, moisturized and protected throughout the day. Shea Butter also provides light protection from the sun, and works with your sunscreen, by moisturizing and protecting your skin from absorbing the sunscreen. We highly recommend you always take precautions when out in the sun for an extended time.

Shea butter closely resembles the oils your own skin manufactures to keep your skin nourished, elastic, and moisturized. There are no chemicals, preservatives, colorants, dyes, or perfumes in African Fair Trade unrefined shea butter. We believe the common overuse of synthetic ingredients is partially why people develop skin sensitivities, especially those with a tendency to break out.

If you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to latex, you may react to shea butter. Although the quantities of latex in shea butter are very small, this natural latex is responsible for the “sealing” property that shea butter has, and which protects your skin from external environment factors.

Shea Butter is the best moisturizer you can use all over your body while you’re pregnant. It moisturizes your skin, soothes “tummy itch” and protects the elasticity of your skin, so it is able to stretch as much as necessary, with minimal scarring.

Yes!!! Shea Butter nourishes and protects your baby’s delicate skin like nothing else available. Use it to protect your baby’s bottom from diaper rash, or if your baby develops cradle cap, shea butter is the only cream you will need to soothe and heal this condition. Also, your baby will love having daily shea butter massages.

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