"Fair Trade" – Have Brief Discussion Of What, How And Why It Matters

"Fair Trade" – Have Brief Discussion Of What, How And Why It Matters

Natural beauty stuff is always great and also preferable.

But what is not great about it is if these have been sourced unethically. Ethical sourcing is so essential, and it should be respected by all Shea producers, as well as producers of other natural products.

At the African Fair Trade Society, we obtain Shea butter from villages in West Africa through fair trade. We collaborate with the women community in Senegal villages to offer our customers 100% pure and the best Shea butter possible. Ethically sourced Shea butter gives the opportunity in the economic steadiness of the communities here. And we are pleased that our collaborations follow ethics. Not only that, we follow environmentally and eco-friendly sustainable practices. You may have noticed the phrase “fair trade” has been used with our company name as we believe it and do fair trading.

What does “Fair Trade” mean? Get the answer below.

The what

The term “Fair Trade” basically describes the trading partnership between the buyers and the producers. It refers to the standard agreement between them that denotes the producers will get paid fairly for the products they are supplying.

The fair price producers are paid, use in developing their countries. Those people who work hard and extremely are mostly in impoverished and poor condition. Fair trade ensures that they will get an equitable salary for their efforts. They get a wage that they can use to educate their children, support their families, maintain their livelihoods and economically liberate communities.

Thus, buying fair trade products means to empower and support workers in protecting the natural sources that are producing the purchased product. It ensures a certain way of income for the workers and also helps in supporting both individual employees’ and their community’s well-being.

The how

The partnership of fair trade is made on open communication, respect and transparency. Fairtrade companies, brands and organizations commit to fair trade, and it is the main core mission. They also commit to fighting against injustice in their respective industries.

For a better understanding of how it works, let’s separate “Fair Trade” and say it “Fair” and “Trade”.

Selling and buying – this is what people think when they hear the word “Trade/ Trading”. But here, the core of the entire concept has come in the phase “Fair”. It refers to the fact that the producers are assured a fair cost for the products they are supplying, and it is really important. It gives surety of fairness and lets the marginalized communities protecting themselves from exploitation.

As fair trade only deals with natural products, it takes weeks to produce a small number of products. Lots of effort and time goes into the production of Shea butter. So, the trade should be fairly rewarded. Then it can contribute to sustainable growth by offering encouraging conditions of trading for the workers of the communities.

fair trade products

The why:

For lots of women associated with Shea butter production, it is the actual source of earning that they use for their family and support their communities. With fair trade, we ensure that the Shea producers will always be waged as promised.

Buying fair trade products is extremely important for the strength of numerous West African communities, and it’s the reason it is imperative for us too. Bringing people to Shea butter contributes to improving the living state of those communities, along with caring for the environment. Shea butter is environmentally sustainable, which means it is good for the environment and also for your skin and hair.

Once you know about the source of Shea butter and understand the effort to produce it, you will not overlook the global responsibility of supporting the Shea butter producers.

Our products, including pure Shea butter and Shea products, tell the story to take a stand for those women, their fighting poverty and their rights. We are grateful to offer you the treasure, Shea Butter. And we are also proud of having a partnership with the women’s cooperation.