African Black Soap: Fascinating History, Types & Skin Benefits

African Black Soap: Fascinating History, Types & Skin Benefits

You may hear a lot of exciting things about the miraculous African black soap. Most of the people in Africa admire this superb product for its myriad of advantages.

You will find the use of miraculous African black soaps amid Nigerians and Ghanaians for centuries. However, these few lines are not sufficient to give you precise information on this soap. Keep on reading and explore the interesting history, varieties, and benefits of this product.

History Of African Black Soap

Ose dudu, or this black soap, was originated from the Nigerian Yoruba community. In Yoruba, Ose means soap, and Dudu means black. So, you can consider it as the literal translation of the black soap.

Another popular name of this soap, “alata samina”, is popular in Ghana. In Yoruba, alata means spicy. According to the belief over there, women Yoruba peepers and tomato sellers introduced this soap. These women had a commendable impact on the pre-colonial Yorubaland.

Different Varieties of African Black Soaps

Traditional black soaps were nothing but the combination of water, plantain skin’s ashes, cocoa powder, and palm oil. Other recipes got popular later. These black soap-making recipes included coconut oil, tropical honey, palm leaves, Shea butter, etc.

Numerous women in Western African villages handcraft this great product. You will find them in more than 100 types. Mothers pass the exclusive soap-making recipes to their future generations.

The ingredients may vary slightly from one to another region. The exclusive age-old formulas and production methods often create a big difference at the time of outcome.

The making procedure of black soap is detailed. But in case of short preparations, plantain peels are left for drying under the sun. Besides that, women roast skins in pots for ash production.

Then they add other ingredients like palm carnal, coconut oil into it. After drying this mixture for two weeks, they prepare black soaps.

Outstanding Benefits African Black Soap Comes With

You can acquire several advantages by including this soap in your daily beauty regime. Get to know about a few of them from here.

It Is Safer To Chemical-Based Soaps- Authentic quality black soaps are safe, and don’ts cause any side effects. You can find several harmful chemicals like perfumes, sulphate in modern chemical-based soaps. But this product is an exception, and it pampers your skin safely.

Antibacterial Qualities- Different soaps are available in the market now. But you can’t be sure of their anti-bacterial properties. You can get assurance about this quality when you buy a genuine black soap. Studies have proven that this product keeps your skin clean and bacteria-free excellently.

Reduces Dark Spots- Our skin undergoes many changes with ageing. Dark spots and wrinkles are two of those negative changes. If you get tired of trying different products to eliminate these skin issues, use African Black soap. This item cures these problems of the deepest skin level.

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