Cocoa Vs Shea Butter: Which One Your Hair Needs?

Cocoa Vs Shea Butter: Which One Your Hair Needs?

They say, “you are naturally beautiful when you are yourself” But besides your uniqueness, what enhances your beauty quotient? The answer would be long and lustrous hair! But the proper maintenance of hair is getting tougher day by day due to the increasing pollution rate.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you may keep your trust in Shea butter to meet this goal! In fact, attractive African women are doing so for a long! Scroll down and learn why pure Shea is a blessing for your hair. And also, explore the causes to choose this product instead of cocoa butter.

How Shea Butter Helps in Getting Lustrous Hair?

This off-white colour triglyceride derived from the famous Shea trees gets used in so many hair care products for various causes. The most notable of them are:

Moisture Retention- Moisturization is the key to get soft and beautiful hair. This product does this by sealing your hair shafts.

Anti-inflammatory Qualities- Due to the superb anti-inflammatory quality, many users use Shea as medicine.

Supports Hair Growth- Besides these two, different studies done on Shea has proven this fact. It stimulates hair growth from deep roots.

Prevents Hair Breakage- The split end is a common hair problem more or fewer everybody face. When it is about preventing this breakage, this product can help.

Lessens Scalp irritation- Redness and scalp irritation might ruin your peaceful sleep. Lots of hair care products are available in the market now that ensure to eliminate this problem. This one is one of the best among them that provides great results.

Using Shea Vs Cocoa Butter for Hair

Well, like many people, you also may get confused in selecting one option between these two. After all, both Shea and Cocoa butter feature the same properties. But if you ask me personally, I will give a preference to Shea over Cocoa. So, are you feeling interested in knowing the reasons to do so? Here are the answers!

Better for Sensitive Scalp- The comedogenic nature of cocoa butter causes hair scalp to break out. And that is why people with sensitive scalp are advised to stay away from using this product. But the other option could be the perfect option for such scalps.

Shea Butter is a Rich Source of Vitamins- Nourished hair is beautiful, and vitamins can give those much-required nourishments. Shea butter is an excellent source of Vitamin A and E that helps in nourishing hair from the deep level.

Contrarily, cocoa butter comes with cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP), which does not come with any worth-mentioning hair benefit at all.

More Effective- Last but not least, you will keep Shea at the front foot after experiencing its effectiveness. Compared to the other one, this provides better results. And for this cause, most beauty enthusiasts keep faith in it.

So, now the option is yours! Which one between these two will be a part of your daily hair care regime depends on you. Contact us and place an order for genuine Shea products from our shop. Our shop provides a range of Shea products in one place.

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