5 Simple Hacks To Pick The Pure Unrefined Shea Butter!

5 Simple Hacks To Pick The Pure Unrefined Shea Butter!

There is no gainsaying that Shea butter is an incredibly versatile product that features healing, moisturizing and other properties. But if you expect the same level of effectiveness from all Shea products, perhaps it’s time to RETHINK!

Yes, you cannot keep all Shea butter varieties in the same row at all! But the problem is the look of processed and refined and fake Shea hardly differs from authentic ones. So, how can you differentiate between these two? Get your answer from the continuing part of this blog!

How To Pick The genuine Shea Butter In A Hassle-Free Way?

Go through the upcoming lines and know these helpful tips in brief.

Smell Differs– It is the easiest way to differentiate between these two! Just smell it! Unprocessed and quality Shea will come with a nutty and smokey smell. But refined butter is odourless. It happens due to the hard processing ways.

Check Colour- The genuine quality unrefined Shea is supposed to come with some specific colours. These are ivory, off-white, cream, light beige, white, yellow, etc. Yellow and green colours happen due to the preservation.

You will find a rapid change in colour in the case of refined ones. The use of bleaching materials removes colours from it and gives a natural white colour.

But, don’t forget that some organic Shea butter also comes in the same colour. Avoid confusion, and to be sure about the quality, buy your product from a reputable shop.

Form Matters– Form also works as a determiner when it is about buying this product. The form of genuine Shea matches with normal butter and melts to thirty-four to eight-degree temperatures.

Some quality products also melt in the body temperature. Refined Shea varies in this form. It does not melt even under the scorching sun heat!

Consider The Feeling After Application- Well, the most practical way to make this differentiation is this one! You will find a smooth and creamy feeling after applying the genuine Shea. Also, it will absorb into your skin quickly. After applying the refined product, you may experience a greasy feeling on the skin.

Shelf life Also Varies- You can use unrefined shea easily for one to three years. Compared to this, refined ones come with a shorter shelf life. You may find a change in smell and colours after few months. So, a lesser shelf life denotes that you are using the low-quality Shea.

From now, don’t feel confused and pick the best quality authentic Shea butter confidently. When it is about online buying, you may feel find it tough to check so many things. Rely on the reviews and previous clients’ testimonials to gather an idea about product quality.

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