West End Car Free Day Is Still Remaining to Visit Us!

West End Car Free Day Is Still Remaining to Visit Us!

Have you missed the Commercial Drive and Main Street car-free festivals? Don’t worry! The West End car-free day is still remaining to meet us. This massive street festival will be held on 25th September and run along Vancouver’s Denman Street between Davie and Robson. So, if you want to explore and buy our Shea butter products, don’t miss this opportunity. Come and join us!

But is this the first time you will attend the car-free event? Then read the entire blog beforehand to know about it. 

What Should You Know about West End Car Free Day

The car-free day is actually an internationally recognized movement that emphasizes environmental awareness. During this festival, pedestrians celebrate their lives without cars. Here, the attendees are encouraged to walk with varieties of entertaining elements. Each year, these events in Vancouver attract over a quarter of a million people.

Vancouver celebrates car fee days on Commercial Drive, Main Street, and Denman Street. And now, the festival on Denman street is only remaining. The event takes place between Robson Street and Davie Street near English bay beach. In earlier, it was held on the Saturday before Father’s Day in June every year. But in 2022, the festival will take place on September 25th (12:00 to 07:00 PM). It was about to happen on 20th August but got postponed.  

At this street party, there will be thousands of people, artisans, street performers and food vendors filling the street. Not only that, but it also brings together business owners, community organizations, and volunteers. The events aim to give the idea of building a better and more liveable city. There will be jam sessions to listen to, music stages and plenty of places to have a bite or something to drink. 

Bottom Line

Are you ready to enjoy this amazing summer experience, car-free? Come and join us! We will be available there with our extensive collections of Shea butter products. All are available at a reasonable price. Visit our other blog posts if you want to know about our products.

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