Join Us at Car Free Day Events to Explore Our Shea Butter Products!

Join Us at Car Free Day Events to Explore Our Shea Butter Products!

Were you not present on the Car Free Day hosted on Commercial Drive? Don’t get upset! The Main street and West End Car Free days are still remaining! So, if you want to celebrate your life without cars, don’t miss the street festival on the two days. Here, you will facilitate a lot of entertaining elements. And the good news is that we will be available there. 

Therefore, if you have still not explored our Shea butter products, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet us. Prior to that, read the entire blog to learn about the street festival.

What to Know about the Main Street and West End Car Free Day

This internationally recognized movement is held for three days in Vancouver, where pedestrians celebrate their lives without cars. The Car Free Day on Commercial Drive took place on 10th September. And the remaining ones will happen on Main Street and Denman Street’s West End. 

Main Street Car Free Day

The Main Street Car Free day took place on Sunday, 21st June, from 12 to 7 PM. But unfortunately, the street event was cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, the festival had a new event called Car Free Month, which took place from August 29th to September 25th. In 2022, the event was scheduled to take place on the 27th of August. But later, it has postponed to Sunday, September 18th.

The main Stree event is the largest one among the three Car Free Day events. Here, you can enjoy street performances and live bands. Not only that, but the event also comes with mini beer gardens, a food truck, extended restaurant patios, varieties of market vendors, etc. 

West End Car Free Day

This massive and vibrant street party will take place on September 25th. It’s also known as Denman Street Car Free Day, which happened between Robson street and Davie Street near English Bay beach. The event took place on August 20th. But due to the ongoing delays caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the day has been postponed to Sunday (from 12 to 7 PM). In this event, you will also find a lot of entertaining elements. 

So, wait no more! Join us immediately! We will be available there with a range of our Shea butter products. From Pure Shea butter, body Cream, and baobab oil to Revitalizing shampoo and scalp tonic, purchase everything at an affordable price. You can read other blog posts to know about our products.