Want To Keep Your Shea Butter Fluffy & Soft? These Tips Can Help!

Want To Keep Your Shea Butter Fluffy & Soft? These Tips Can Help!

In case you are a regular user of Shea butter, maybe you have an idea about its temperature sensitivity. It melts quickly in hot weather and gets frizzed in the cold. Hence, you may understand that keeping this in the fluffy state is not an easy task at all.

That is why, to make it possible, you need to follow some easy rules. In the upcoming lines of today’s blog, we will let you know about those tips. But before that, get a brief idea about the fantastic skin and hair benefits of it.

Superb Benefits You Can Get By The Proper Use Of Shea Butter

  • This butter treats severe skin issues, like acne blemishes.
  • Shea products help in getting back the lost elasticity of your skin.
  • It reduces the possibilities of skin inflammation.
  • Shea leaves a soothing impact on the skin.
  • Fatty acids like A and E give a shiner appearance to hair.
  • The non-greasy texture of Shea moisturizes hair from the core.
  • Prevents split end problems by softening the dry hair end.

Explore The Ways To Keep Your Shea Butter Smooth & Fluffy

Now delve into another part of the discussion and know-how can you keep your Shea butter in the best state.

Store It In The Right Temperature

The ideal temperature suitable for best storage is between 18-23 C. Refrigerator is not the right space as it’s a cooler space. Hence, to set the right temperature, you can think of using your basement areas that come with this temp. Before using, consider bringing Shea products at the warmer temperature so that it gets soft again.

Use Coconut Or Jojoba Oil

Hardening is a common problem most users face. Hard Shea butter does not give any effective result at all. So, to get all the benefits of it, you need to pay attention to this fact. Add one teaspoon coconut or jojoba oil to your Shea.

Make sure to mix both of these properly in a metal bowl or glass. Mix them for fifteen to twenty minutes in an electric mixer and keep doing this until it gets smooth and whipped. After that, keep the mixture Shea in an air-tight plastic container. Try to store it in a dry place for the best result.

Don’t Store It For Too long

It is advisable not to store the Shea for more than two years from the date of packaging. Products that exceed this limit might not give you satisfactory results always. And with time, Shea gets harder also. Storing it for a certain period is another way to keep Shea soft.

Hence, don’t get bothered about the hardening or other problems anymore. Follow all these tricks and use them in the best possible way.

And if you think of buying the smooth and high-quality Shea, place an order from our store. Feel free to contact us and buy the right product at a reasonable cost. We always make sure to give the best and authentic products to our customers.