Top 7 Best-Kept Secrets About Shea Butter- Explored!

Top 7 Best-Kept Secrets About Shea Butter- Explored!

Shea butter is an amazing ancient African secret that many beauty enthusiasts have been using for a long time. It is the basic ingredient of numerous skin and hair care products that enable you to get splendid skin texture and lustrous hair!

Well, it does not matter whether you use Shea products or not, you may discover some never-known information on it. In the upcoming segment of this blog, we will share some secrets about it that you will love to share with your family members at dinner time. Continue exploring!

A Few Amazing Shea Butter Facts That Can Surprise You!

1- You Can Eat Shea Butter!

Yes! You have heard it right! This product can be used as cooking oil also. And like oil, you can taste Shea fruit. Even some chocolate manufacturers use these fruits instead of cocoa fruits. But most of its varieties are used for external purposes.

2- Cleopatra Was A Great Admirer Of It!

You may find it surprising to know that Shea was the favourite beauty product of Cleopatra. Yes, love for this great product dates back to the ancient era! Don’t get surprised if you find the mention of jar-filled butter in history books! Not only she! Even Nefertiti and queen Sheba loved this product also.

3- A Real Multi-Purpose Product

Different beauty products come with multi-purpose use. This product would be at the front foot amid them.

Unwanted age spots, signs of insect biting, skin allergies, this butter can cure all these problems magically. Besides, whipped Shea gives the best sun protection and locks the hair moistures.

4- It Is Nothing But Fat

What this butter actually is? Well, the simple answer is, it is nothing but the extracted fat from the Shea tree. This one is a common tree in Savannahs of both central and West Africa. You can find the presence of these trees in other African countries as well.

5- This Product Comes With Varied Names

Shea got its name from Mali’s Bambara language. Popular as Shea, different people across the globe call it in other names also. Galam butter, magnifolia, karite butter are some of the other names.

6- Manufacturers Use Palm And Olive Oils As The Alternative

Undeniably this one is a bitter truth about this magical beauty product. Due to its less availability and high rate, many beauty product manufacturers use palm and olive oils as an alternative.

7- Shea Butter Extraction Is A Painstaking Process

There’s no shortcut to this butter extraction process. It needs precision, skill and most significantly patience! The detailed extraction process includes different methodical steps. These are:

  • Collection
  • Cracking
  • Pounding
  • Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Separating
  • Moulding the dried nuts into the paste.

I hope you have gathered some great information about this superb product! You may contact us without hesitation if you want to place your order for authentic Shea products. As a trusted and dependable supplier, we aim to give quality- assured products.