Shea Butter Daytime Moisturizer - Production Process and Its Amazing Benefits!

Shea Butter Daytime Moisturizer - Production Process and Its Amazing Benefits!

Shea butter is undoubtedly one of the best remedies for dry and sensitive skin. It can be a great daytime moisturizer that comes full of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. That’s why this moisturizer has been used for centuries to soothe and heal several skin issues. It’s nothing but an extract of natural fat made of Shea trees that originated in Africa.

However, the benefits of Shea butter daytime moisturizer are endless. It suits all skin types. But before you buy, don’t you intend to know about its production process? If so, have a look at the following lines.

How Shea Butter Daytime Moisturizer Is Produced

If you want to use Shea butter as a moisturizer, scoop from the jar and rub it on your skin. It works best on the dry areas of the skin, such as elbows, hands, and feet. Now, let’s know about the production process of Shea butter.

  • First of all, the cover of the Shea fruit is removed and the nuts get dried. After smashing the Shea nuts into small pieces, the experts roast these, which may take hours. In Africa, it’s actually done by women elders as a traditional social activity.

  • They add some water to the crushed and roasted nuts to make it a smooth paste, which is stirred by hands. The young girls of the tribe do this task while elders supervise the process.

  • Now the paste is put into a large bowl and they add water to it so that the oil can separate and float to the top. The butter oils are in a curd state. And this is what the experts take out from the top of the bowl. The water is still liquified to separate it from the oil.

  • At last, the Shea butter is finally extracted, which has a golden yellow colour. And to make the moisturizer more effective, some natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, almond oil are added.

Now, let’s know what the Shea butter daytime moisturizer can do for your skin.

What Shea Butter Moisturizer Can Do for You

  • Shea fat plays a pivotal role in collagen production. And this is what will minimize the appearance of fine lines.

  • Shea butter has moisturizing and antioxidant properties. They work together and help generate new cells.

  • It is rich in various kinds of fatty acids. And this unique composition can help prevent acne.

  • Shea butter has a significant level of vitamin A and E. That’s why it promotes strong antioxidant activity.

Bottom Line

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