Join us at the PNE Fair 2022 to Explore Our Various Products!

Join us at the PNE Fair 2022 to Explore Our Various Products!

Have you ever used Shea butter products? This effective ingredient plays a crucial role in making your skin and hair healthy and moisturized. The unrefined Shea butter works best to give you soft and glowing skin. And that is what we offer online at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you are looking for quality skin and hair care products of Shea butter, consider checking our collections! And now, we are back again at the PNE (The Pacific National Exhibition) fair. 

It’s actually an organization that holds a summer fair in Vancouver. And that is where you can explore all our products. Let’s go through the entire blog to know more in this regard.

What You Need to Know about PNE Fair

The PNE fair is conveniently located at Hastings Park, Vancouver, which has been an annual fair for over 100 years. The session usually goes from 20th August to 5th September (the last three weeks of the summer). The fair began in 1910 and still going on strongly. For the people in Vancouver and its surrounding regions, visiting the PNE fair is one of their summer traditions.

This fair has a lot of entertainment, such as rides, midway games, food stalls, farm animals, concerts, and more. In addition, various events are taken place at the PNE, including the Playland, trade shows, etc. 

So, why not join us (booth number 614) to explore our collections while enjoying tons of fun? We have been participating in this fair for the last 16 years to convey our business message and show products. 

How to Get the Ticket for the PNE Fair

The organization always prioritizes the health and safety of the guests, which is why capacity is limited. One needs to purchase the ticket for a specific date. And we always recommend doing it in advance to avoid disappointment. If online tickets are sold out, these are available at the gates. 

One can enter the PNE fair by vehicle, a bicycle or on foot. Here, additional parking is available at Windermere and Hastings across the street from Playland. But if you prefer walking to the fair, enter and exit the location quietly. And never leave litter on the street. 

So, wait no more! Buy the gate pass immediately and visit our booth. You can either print the ticket or download the PDF. We are looking forward to meeting you there! Come soon!