How to Incorporate Baobab Oil In Your Hair and Skincare Regimen

How to Incorporate Baobab Oil In Your Hair and Skincare Regimen
Baobab produces a fruit that is considered one of the most nutritious on the earth. It contains Vitamin C. And the oil extracted from it benefits your skin and hair a lot. This natural baobab oil can effectively deal with eczema, dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis, etc. It can improve your skin elasticity and heal damaged hair.

But the question is, how would you incorporate this essential oil into your hair and skin regime? Read the entire blog to get your answer.

How to Use Baobab Oil to Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy

Use Baobab Oil As a Skin Moisturizer

Do you have sensitive skin? You have applied several skincare products! But didn’t get any fruitful result! Whatever face moisturizer you use, replace it immediately with baobab oil. After applying it, you will get an amazing result within a few days. Your skin will become moisturized and glowing without any irritation. However, after washing your face, take a little amount of oil and massage it in.

Add It to Your Skin and Hair Care Product

Do you make your own skincare products? Well, if you use whipped Shea butter, add a little amount of baobab oil to this recipe. The moisturizing benefits of this natural oil will make your skincare product ten times more effective. And whatever conditioner you use, add this oil to it for deep conditioning.

Use It for a Hot Oil Treatment

There are two ways that you can follow for hot oil treatment. Heat the oil, apply it to your hair, and then cover with a plastic cap. Otherwise, you can sit under a dryer for a few minutes after applying the oil to your hair. But whatever the way you opt for, adding baobab oil to this hot oil treatment can benefit your hair a lot.

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