Editor’s Pick: Where To Get African Shea Butter Wholesale In Canada

Editor’s Pick: Where To Get African Shea Butter Wholesale In Canada

Looking for a trusted African Shea butter wholesale supplier in Canada? You have clicked on the right blog.

Shea butter is a natural beauty ingredient used as a beauty product to take care of the skin and hair. It is truly a natural product that contains helpful pure properties that cannot be present in other products. The properties in Shea butter moisturizes and emollients both skin and hair even cure damages. Probably Shea butter is the only product that can be used for varities of purposes. From skincare to heal damaged cells, Shea butter is the solution.

You can find Shea butter in most beauty products today due to the countless benefits of Shea butter. That is, in fact, the reason the demand for Shea butter is increasing day to day. And some dishonest suppliers are taking advantage. So, before you buy Shea butter, you have to know a few factors about Shea butter and 0how to find an authentic Shea butter wholesaler. Then let’s get started.

Refined Shea butter vs. unrefined Shea butter

First of all, you should understand that some Shea butter suppliers in Canada offer refined Shea butter, some offer unrefined Shea butter. But there are also some companies in Canada that have both refined and unrefined Shea butter. So you can pick the right form of Shea butter, understand the differences between refined and unrefined Shea butter.

  • Unrefined Shea butter

Unrefined Shea butter is the best form of Shea butter. Shea butter is extracted by the traditional cold-press process. There is no use of any chemical substance in this method. That is why unrefined Shea butter contains a high fraction of natural properties.

Unrefined raw Shea butter has a yellowish or ivory colour and nutty scent. It looks creamy yet hard but gets melted in body temperature. Unrefined Shea butter also has a thick consistency and can be used to make lots of skincare products.

  • Refined Shea butter

Refined Shea butter is processed through a high level of heat. Sometimes, chemical such as hexane comes into play. Because of the heat use, some goodness of Shea butter gets excluded as well. The heating process removes the real hue of Shea butter, and so refined Shea butter is white. Even refined Shea butter does not have the nutty smell that you can get from unrefined Shea butter.

75% of the bio active ingredients go away during the refining process.Refined Shea butter looks like lotion and still moisturizing. However, it doesn’t work as fast as raw Shea butter.

We, the African Fair Trade Society, are a trusted Shea butter wholesaler in Canada. And we are supplying raw Shea butter at a reasonable price for years. As a leading company in this industry, we never compromise with the quality of Shea butter we offer. We bring Shea butter from the land of Shea butter – West Africa, Ghana and Senegal.

Our Shea butter is declared as “Women’s Gold” due to authenticity and quality. As a leading Organic bulk Shea butter wholesale supplier in Canada, we never compromise with our product quality. We do not use any machinery to extract unrefined Shea butter. You can use our Shea butter as it sustains active ingredients.

The off-white hue, creamy texture and nutty aroma signify the genuineness of our Shea butter. We don’t use any heat process or chemical substance to extract Shea butter. It especially best meets the skincare requirements of sensitive skin. It is also great if your skin is oily or dry.

If your interest is in African Shea butter wholesale in Canada, you can rely on us. We will not disappoint you. We have earned a huge reputation in this industry because of our faithfulness, quality product, and competitive range of Shea butter. In addition, we also offer varities of Shea products, including Shea butter soap, body lotion, body cream, hair care products and skincare products.