Why Is Shea Butter As Essential As ‘Gold’ To Women?

Why Is Shea Butter As Essential As ‘Gold’ To Women?

Do you use skin products made of shea butter, including soaps, creams, and lotions? For African women, shea butter is as important as gold to them. It’s one of the most nourishing things for women’s skin.

Also, at the place in Africa where the raw ingredient of shea products are harvested is a women’s industry. Over the decades, shea butter allows women to improve the quality of the life of their families as well as the community.

At the beginning of the shea season, the women have the chance to make money. It helps them to invest the amount earned from here in feeding their kids as well as investing in their education and clothing.

The usage of shea butter for women

Shea butter is used in different beauty products for women that have healing properties as well. Most girls prefer to pick the products contained shea butter as its ingredients to experience great benefits to the skin as well as hair.

The estimates show that women in Africa create awareness regarding the advantages of using refined shea butter. More people will invest money to purchase the shea butter products, the more it will lift those women and their families out of poverty. And, here lies the reasons that Shea is called ‘women’s Gold.’

Have a glance at the passages below to know the immense benefits of shea butter on women’s skin and hair. Such as:


For skin:

  • Shea butter is highly effective to rejuvenate skin by producing collagen that contains anti-ageing properties. Hence, you can have wrinkle-free and smooth skin.
  • As shea butter comes from a tree nut product. This is why there’s no medical documenting that shows it can cause any allergic reactions to the skin. The shea products are safe for all skin types.
  • Shea butter contains lots of nutrients such as vitamins A and E. It makes your skin healthy and protects it from sun exposure as well as damage.
  • Most dermatologists suggest using shea butter and its product during dry winter due to its moisturizing effects. It contains oils from different fatty acids that your skin absorbs rapidly. This creates a barrier between your skin and the outside dry climate. Hence, your skin remains moisturized and there’s no risk of dryness.

For hair

For hair:

  • Shea butter is useful to meet your hair problems like hair breakage. Applying shea shampoo and oil, or raw shea butter can make your hair strong and prevent frequent breakage.
  • If you want to have silky and smooth hair, shea butter can meet your needs.
  • Shea butter can treat dandruff and decrease the risks of flare-ups. It restores moisture to your dry scalp that reduces dandruff flakes.

How to apply shea butter?

You can look for unrefined and raw shea butter for your skin application. On the flip, it’s also beneficial to apply directly to the hair. Use your fingers to scoop the butter and rub it onto your skin as well as hair until you feel it absorbed.

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