Why Does Shea Butter Smell? How to Prevent It?

Why Does Shea Butter Smell? How to Prevent It?

Shea butter comes with incredible properties and is a key ingredient used for many skin and hair care products. This natural fat will leave your skin and hair healthy, soft, and smooth. Shea butter is actually a fat extracted from the nuts of Shea trees, which is why it has a nutty smell that will diminish over time. But many things can cause this natural fat to smell pungent. Want to know these? Keep reading this blog!

Why Does Shea Butter Smell Pungent?

Does Your Shea butter smell very bad? It can be due to the following reasons:

Extracted with Dirty Water

It’s one of the main reasons why Shea butter smells badly. If the water used to boil Shea butter is dirty, it can cause Shea butter to smell pungent. The water used to boil Shea butter should be clean and pure.

Not Stored Properly

Shea butter melts at body temperature, which is why one should store it below this temperature. Store it in a fridge or cool place. Otherwise, this natural fat will lose its properties, and it will start to smell bad. A temperature below 20 degrees is highly recommended to store Shea butter.

Low Quality

If chemicals are added to remove the nutty smell from Shea butter, it can cause a bad smell. A poorly chemically treated Shea butter will always stink. The smell of Shea butter can tell you whether you have bought a genuine product or not. 

Applying Heat

Shea fat is sensitive to temperature. Therefore, it may lose its effectiveness and begin to smell if you apply heat to it. Not only that, but the vitamins and healing properties will also disappear after heating. 

So, these are the reasons why Shea butter smells bad. Of course, unrefined Shea butter has a nutty and earthy smell! But to ensure you choose an authentic product, make sure you purchase from a reliable shop, like us. And store it properly. Visit our Facebook pages to know more.

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