When Should You Use Shea Butter for Your Hair? Let’s Explore!

When Should You Use Shea Butter for Your Hair? Let’s Explore!
Applying Shea butter is the best way to keep your hair moisturized. It plays an important role in stimulating hair growth. The natural ingredients it contains can leave your dry hair soft and smooth. Therefore, if you are upset with your hair and keep it in good health, use Shea butter. But when should you apply it to your hair? Let’s explore in the following lines!

When to Apply Shea Butter to Your Hair

You may have encountered several issues with your hair. In this regard, Shea butter can give you the best solution. Read the following lines to know more about it.

You Want to Protect Your Hair Against UVS

Your hair gets damaged and becomes dry when the hair follicles are exposed to the sun. Shea butter comes with a small amount of SPF that acts as a barrier against the UV rays of the sun. So, before going outside, melt a small amount of Shea fat and apply it lightly to your hair.

You Are Suffering from Dry and Itchy Scalp

Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory properties and rich fat that can easily get absorbed into the scalp. And it doesn’t make you feel greasy. It’s effective in eliminating dry and itchy scalp. Take a small amount of melted butter. Apply it onto your fingertips and massage your scalp in a circular motion.

You Want Soft Hair

Shea butter contains vitamins A and E. And these are what plays an important role in adding moisture and shine to your hair. It can soften dry brittle hair and repair split damaged ends. In this regard, you should use Shea butter mixed with another carrier oil.

You Want to Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

After straightening or applying any form of heat to your hair, It’s a must to use Shea butter. It acts as a great heat protectant for hair. It is absorbed in each hair strand and prevents heat damage. And while applying Shea butter to your hair, mix avocado oil with it.


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