What Makes a Person Beautiful?

The most attractive thing to look up to is the beautiful hair. It is the most attractive thing one looks up to. They make you look different and also build up a different personality. But what effects the most is the loss of hair. Hair loss makes a person in tension and it is because of many factors.

Factors behind hair lossNatural Remedies for Hair Loss

  1. Aging
  2. Lack in proteins
  3. Excessive consumption of smoking
  4. Too much stress
  5. Hormonal deficiencies
  6. Side effects of medicines
  7. Polycystic ovary syndrome
  8. Cause of anaemia
  9. Deficiency of iron
  10. Chronic illness
  11. Use of wrong hair product
  12. Medical conditions like thyroid or blood pressure
  13. Changing shampoo frequently
  14. Excessive use of hair masks and conditioner

There are so many hair on head, but the continuous fall of hair causes a lot of trouble. And usually the loss of hair is like 50 – 100 strands or even more than that in a day. And this hair fall can lead to many other things. It can also be a result of dry scalp. It is necessary to take action before the hair fall shows its result as bald spots and making the hair thin.

Some Natural remedies for hair loss can be:

Add some almond oil to caster oil and warm it for 45 seconds in microwave and apply it on hair. Wash after two hours or keep it overnight.

Add some gooseberry powder to almond oil and massage with aloe Vera. Keep it for two to three hours and rinse with water. Apply shampoo.