Treat Your Hair with Shea Butter

You must have heard about shea butter being used as a moisturizer for skin, but have you ever stopped to buy the unrefined shea butter for hair. Shea butter is also a therapy for the hair. It is a natural hair conditioner and offers multiple benefits.

Many people of Africa has used this as their natural conditioner for hair and probably that is the reason their hair look so supple and healthy despite the tropical area they live.

Shea butter is an oil extracted from a tree found East and West of Africa. For many years, this has served its purpose in skincare and skin-treatment. But now as the world is realizing its importance, more and more people are leaning to buy unrefined shea butter for hair.

Following are the benefits shea butter offers to the hair:

Scalp Treatment: Shea butter is perfect solution to treat the irritated scalp especially the dry scalp or the scalp with dandruff. IT provides moisture to the scalp without clogging the pores. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory properties provide a coolness needed for the scalp.

Hair Sealant: Shea butter is known for its emolliating qualities. It helps in locking the moisture even in the curly hair without making them too oily or greasy. It also offers the protection from the harsh weather conditions. It can be used independently or as an accompaniment to the conditioner or hair cream.

Sun Protection: Shea butter is also equipped with the SPF to protect the hair from the ultraviolet radiations. It does not make the hair oily in any manner, but still it forms a film over the hair, protecting them from all kind of weather conditions. This is definitely a plus for chemically treated or colored hair.

Hair Softening: Due to its moisturizing property, it is perfect for dry and curly hair. It can soften the brittle hair and provide them with a shine.

There are two kinds of Shea Butter available in the market: refined and unrefined type. Refined shea butter undergoes a process to remove its smell which can be irritating to many people. Unrefined shea butter, on the other hand, is the shea butter in its more cruder form. Moreover, different areas of Africa carries different kinds of Shea butters. The one from the eastern coast is known to have comparatively lesser smell.

Besides hair, shea butter is also used as a moisturizing and healing agent for skin. Its complex structure of Vitamin A and E makes it a perfect blend for treatment of both skin and hair.

After reading all these benefits, one might definitely need to obtain this magic medicine, and it is indeed not difficult to buy unrefined shea butter for hair. With the demand of the shea butter increasing day by day, almost all the beauty aisles carry shea butter.