Tips for Using Shea Butter

6 tips for using raw Shea butter – the ‘women’s gold’!!

Shea butter is a wonderful beauty care element that is being used in formulating numerous types of beauty care products. However, in such cases, the Shea butter is used mainly in a refined form which is not as beneficial as the unrefined Shea butter. Did you know that when Shea butter is heated for the purpose of refining, its various essential properties are destroyed? Therefore, for enjoying the fulsome advantages of Shea butter, you are suggested to use the unrefined form of this substance. Carry on reading to learn some beneficial tips for using Shea butter.

using of shea butter

Handy tips for using raw Shea butter

The unrefined Shea butter may contain some bits and chips of Shea nut. However, you can easily get rid of those particles. All you need is to take a certain amount of Shea butter and rub it with your palms. In this way, the Shea butter will melt with your natural body heat. And at that time, you can easily get rid of any rough particles in it (if any). Now, here let’s learn some tips of using Shea butter in the adjoined points:

1. You can use Shea butter as a moisturizing cream – The raw African Shea butter is a natural moisturizing agent. This can help you to moisten dry skin overnight!! Therefore, you can apply this on cracked heels, rough elbows, chapped lips, dry and flaky scalp (dandruff) and all over your body to keep in soft and moisten.

applying raw Shea butter on skin

2. As natural scrub – Shea butter can also be used as a natural scrub. Apply this on your skin and leave it for a few minutes. Then gently scrub it in little round moves with your fingertips or flat palm. In this way, you can easily pull out the debris and dead skin cells and can reveal the younger and radiant looking skin.

3. For eliminating dark spots and blemishes – Shea butter is also a natural collagen booster which helps in generating new skin cells faster. Therefore, this can help in eliminating dark patches and blemishes in a rapid manner.

4. To prevent frizz in hair – The regular use of raw Shea butter can help in preventing frizz and split ends of hair. Take the required portion of Shea butter and gently apply this on your hair. Leave it at least for half an hour before washing your hair and then reveal soft and silky hair!

shea butter for hair

5. For relieving itchy skin – Shea butter contains inflammatory substances those help in relieving itchy skin. Therefore, this can be used for relieving itchy scalp, or in skin diseases like eczema etc.

6. To cure minor cuts – Unrefined shea butter also contains some healing substances those can help in curing minor cuts and scratches.

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