Tips to Apply Shea Butter for Fighting Hair And Skin Problems

Raw Shea butter is famous for its pure quality and it’s amazing beauty benefits that are advantageous for both hair and skin. Especially, African Shea butter always stands out for its exclusive quality. That is why whether you are a beauty enthusiast or you are a natural beauty product manufacturer, you can feel confident to embrace African Shea butter. But how to apply this African Shea butter? In this post, you can learn how applying Shea butter can help in dealing with various beauty concerns.

How to use African Shea butter?

The tips mentioned below can help you to learn how to apply Shea butter for dealing with common hair and skin problems:

1. Dry, rough skin – You can apply Shea butter on your skin as a moisturizer. This will deeply moisturize your skin. Apply on the rough, dry or cracked areas of the skin and this will help in healing the skin from the deeper layers. Also, you can apply this as body butter for the best sustenance of your skin.
Usage – Apply this all over the skin, massage it for 5 to 10 minutes and leave it thus. Follow, this regimen for once every day to unveil the best results.

2. Signs of aging – Shea butter is a brilliant remedy for the signs of aging. Use this as a natural anti-aging cream every night. Vitamins A & E and other special ingredients such as specific fats and acids will help in thinning the fine lines, eliminating the blemishes and also in fighting other stubborn signs of aging.
Usage – Apply raw African Shea butter on your face, and neck. Massage this gently with upward strokes for 5 minutes. Follow this every night to see the best results.

African Shea Butter

3. Dry, frizzy, tangled hair – Frizzy and dull hair is a big problem these days because of the increasing pollution. Also, the use of chemical products and poor maintenance make the problem even worse. You can use Shea butter as the nourishing and moisturizing agent that will help in fighting frizz and dullness.
Usage – Take a generous amount of raw Shea butter and apply this on your hair. Massage this for 5 to 10 minutes and then cover your hair with a hot towel leaving it for 20-30 minutes. You can also leave it overnight. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo to reveal moisturized and soft locks. Follow, this for three days a week to enjoy the best results.

4. Scalp itchiness and dandruff – Dryness and poor maintenance lead to problems like dandruff and itchiness on your scalp. Relax; Shea butter is a natural solution to all these problems. This element contains natural anti-inflammatory agents that soothe irritation. And the deeply nourishing and moisturizing properties help in fighting dandruff from the root.
Usage – Apply Shea butter on the scalp and massage this gently with your fingertips at least for 10 minutes. Cover your head with a hot towel for another 10-15 minutes and then, wash it with a mild shampoo. Follow this routine at least for three days in a week.

These are the hassle-free and healthy ways Shea butter takes the best care of your hair and skin. Contact a trusted Shea butter supplier company for buying pure organic Shea butter at the best price.