Refined Vs Unrefined Shea butter: A Comparative Study

Refined Vs Unrefined Shea butter: A Comparative Study

Shea butter is life and your skin’s best friend! There is no doubt about this, and already several beauty enthusiasts have agreed to it. This miraculous product extracted from the African Shea tree is used in cosmetic products only.

There are two types of Shea butter- refined and unrefined that are well-known for their moisturizing properties. Check out the continuing part of the blog and gain precise knowledge about both of these.

Refined Shea Butter

Natural Shea Butter gets processed with different harmful chemicals, including hexanes. The purpose of it is to break the seeds and accelerate the butter or fat separating process. It also comes with a smooth texture.

During the processing phase, beneficial properties of unrefined shea get changed. It also happens due to the addition of preservatives or perfumes. The final result of this refinement is this one. You can find refined Shea as visually pleasing. But it lacks the nutritive properties like unrefined ones.

Unrefined Shea Butter

In the time-consuming extraction process, Shea gets removed from seed parts by hands. It maintains a specific nutty flavour and beige colour. The collectors gather walnut-sized seeds and boil them for the easy removal of the shell part. After that boiled seeds get dried. In case you buy the dry Shea butter, impurities will be there. Although it can be refined using cheese clothe.

Refined Or Unrefined Shea butter- Which One Your Skin Needs?

There is no denying that raw Shea butter comes with certain impurities. But if you talk of the overall effect, it would be at the front foot. This product gives deep nourishment to your hair or skin with essential vitamins, including A, E, F, and so on.

Besides, the fatty acid contains in it offers you supple and moisturized skin. Different skin problems that can get treated with it include acne, cracked skin, dermatitis, stretch marks, wrinkles, and so on. You may apply pure Shea butter for daily purpose as well. When it is about soothing your irritated skin, this can come to your help.

On the flip, the harsh chemical properties in the refined Shea butter can be detrimental to your skin. And if you talk about its effectiveness, you will find it less effective than the other form. So, if you seek an alternative that can soothe your skin and hair in a damage-free way, settle for unrefined ones.

But remember one thing. Instead of claiming all the suppliers might not provide genuine quality Shea products at all. So, try to be cent percent sure about the product quality, always buy your product from a genuine store.

Concluding Lines

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