Raw Shea Butter Can Do Wonders for Your Dry Skin - Is It?

Raw Shea Butter Can Do Wonders for Your Dry Skin - Is It?

Dry skin is truly frustrating to deal with. A common effect of excessively dry skin is weakening of the skin, which can lead to cracking or bleeding. Not only that, but it can also have a long-term impact, like the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And that is where raw Shea butter comes to the rescue. Natural Shea butter, with its abundance of goodness, can effectively combat dry skin. 

One can use Shea butter in its pure form or other Shea butter skincare products to have healthy skin. But can this natural fat really do wonders for your dry skin? Let’s explore in this blog!

What Raw Shea Butter Can Do for Your Dry Skin

Refined Shea butter is odourless and white. The refining process will remove the colour and scent of pure Shea butter. And that is what ruins most of its natural healing properties. Hence, to get rid of your dry skin, it’s best to use unrefined Shea butter.

Moisturizes Skin

Pure Shea butter is a fantastic moisturizing property. It works as an emollient to soften and hydrate skin. It contains vitamin E, which will help your skin to feel smooth and supple. The fatty acids it has can improve the natural barrier of the skin. 

Eliminates Wrinkles

As stated above, long-term dryness can make your skin susceptible to wrinkles. And that is where Shea butter plays a pivotal role. Pure Shea butter contains antioxidants, which makes it effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can improve your skin’s elasticity and give you a youthful look. 

Reduces Irritation

Certain skin conditions, such as eczema, can make you feel about your skin dry and irritated. But pure Shea butter contains healing properties that can deal with dry skin cells ad eliminate patches. 

Protects Skin from Harsh Conditions

Harsh environments, such as pollutants and chilly weather, can make your skin prone to dryness. But Shea butter acts as a protective barrier, which will allow your skin to retain moisture.

Boosts Collagen Production

It’s one of the main reasons why Shea butter skincare products have dominated other cosmetic products in the beauty industry. Collagen production decreases gradually when you age. And that is what will cause your skin to lose elasticity. It aids tissue cell generation, resulting in reduced wrinkles. 

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