Looking for an Authentic African Black Soap? 4 Useful Tips to Identify!

Looking for an Authentic African Black Soap? 4 Useful Tips to Identify!

Authentic African black soap is truly effective for the skin. This natural soap is free from ingredients that cause skin irritations. It comes with a number of skincare benefits, which is why the soap is always in high demand. But how would you understand that the soap you have bought is authentic? Below are the tips that can help you make a satisfying purchase.

How to Spot an Authentic African Black Soap

1. African Black Soap Is Brown Looking Colour

Shea butter and natural ingredients make this natural soap brown. The longer the elements of this soap are roasted, the darker the colour of the soap will be. Sometimes, it comes with different colour variations. It actually depends on the procedure. On the other hand, non-authentic black soaps have unnatural black dyes that aim to intensify the black colour. These black dyes can cause several skin issues.

2. This Soap Has Not Smooth Surface

Traditional African black soaps don’t have polished surfaces. It appears slightly rough. As this soap is handcrafted, the finished surface can be slightly uneven. On the flip, unnatural black soaps have polished surfaces. These soaps contain harsh silicon and aluminum oxide that can irritate your skin. 

3. Soft Soap 

Real African black soap doesn’t contain hardening agents and artificial colouring. It also doesn’t have any artificial scents. The soap comes with 100% natural oils that cannot harden it completely. It has a softer consistency, which is why one can easily break this soap into pieces.

4. Marble Look

It’s an ideal way to differentiate between real and fake African black soap. Plant ash is the main ingredient of this soap. During the procedure, plant skins are roasted to achieve natural fragrance, colours, and texture. After mixing these with water, the soap doesn’t form a uniform shape. These leave the soap with a marble look and a non-smooth surface.

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