Frequently Asked Questions about Shea Butter And Relevant Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Shea Butter And Relevant Answers

Different beauty products are creating a buzz in the modern beauty world. And Shea butter is one of the most notable among all of them, acknowledged for its moisturizing qualities. Besides this, this one also can create magic when it is about eczema treatment.

Well, this precise information about this miraculous product might not be sufficient at all. That is why, in this blog, we are going to give some added information on it. Check out the Shea Butter FAQs in brief in the upcoming segment.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Shea Butter

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What Does Shea Butter Mean?

Let’s keep it simple. It is nothing but the extracted fat from the African Karite or the Shea tree. The usage of this product dates back to 50 BC in the era of Cleopatra. Till today, this excellent Shea product with superb moisturizing properties has not lost its popularity.

You will find this butter in two varieties, raw (unrefined) and refined. Amid these two, the former one is better for skin and hair, as it does not contain any harmful chemical. It is the mechanical filtered form of Shea that retains all beneficial properties and vitamins to the fullest.

What Is Its Origin?

Well, as already said, this is the product from the Karite or the Shea trees. This tree grows in Shea-belt (a horizontal area with fertile soil in West and East Africa). Two common species of Shea trees can be found, including Vitellaria Paradoxa and Vitellaria Nilotica.

Because of the lesser availability of Shea trees, it becomes tough sometimes to get quality Shea products. But, you may get it from a reputed and genuine Shea products supplier.

What Are The Beneficial Impacts Of Shea Butter On The Skin?

By placing the active seal on the skin, Shea seals your skin moisture effectively and protects it from dirt and pollution. The regular use of this miraculous product helps you to get supple and moisturized skin for the whole day.

If you want a product that will work well with your sunscreen, you can buy it as well. Studies show that extracted butter from the Shea tree protects the skin from sunlight as well.

Can It Go Bad?

Natural oxidation can be detrimental to this product. This process changes its chemical structure, and butter starts smelling bad.

The absence of required preservatives and water are the other causes of contamination. Grown mold and yeast start growing due to these causes that spoil the butter finally.

Can I Be Sure About The Safety?

Thankfully, the answer is yes. This amazing product offers you both shining and hair without causing any side effects. Both types are safe on the skin and hair. But in case you want to cent percent sure, consider using the raw or unrefined one.

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