Enjoy The Great Benefits Of Adding of Shea Nut Oil In Beauty care

Enjoy The Great Benefits Of Adding of Shea Nut Oil In Beauty care

Shea Oil is another constituent of Shea nut except for Shea butter. Though this oil is not as fluid as other oils, it’s not solid as Shea butter. She oil is known as a by-product of cold-pressed Shea butter. It preserves fatty acids, whereas the butter keeps the fat. Up to 20° C or 68°F, it remains liquid.

Shea nut oil consists of higher levels of linoleic and oleic acids. Due to these properties, it helps to stimulate the growth of hair better than the butter does. So, in spite of having the standing to use as a hair product, Shea butter comes second to Shea oil.

The charming golden hue of Shea oil includes a nice depth of colour while using for homemade serums.

Shea oil benefits hair, nail, and skin from verities of ways. It has both antibacterial and antifungal qualities to be ideal carrier oil for cleansing blends.

# Hot oil treatment for damaged and dry hair

Comparison to Olive oil, Shea nut oil is the best option for hot oil hair treatments at home or spa. It is proved by the vote of users.

# Daily moisturizer

You can apply Shea oil direct to your skin as a moisturizing product. Especially if you have dry knees and elbows, it is good for you. But it works as a full-body oil. You can also consider Shea nut oil as scented body oil, just like lavender body oil.

# Include in Homemade Body Butter

She oil is a wonderful addition to make body butter at home. In fact, it beautifully works beside Shea butter.

# Carrier Oil for Essential Oil Blends

As most essential oils should be diluted prior to use, it’s great to have a range of carrier oils in the collection. Usually, olive oil has been used in this regard, but Shea oil is just a perfect substitute. Besides, it doesn’t have an intense scent, so the fragrance of your essential oil will still come.

# Use in Lotion Bars

Lotion bars are excellent to moisturize dry skin. They are so easy to make, as well. A lot of lotion bars are prepared with butter, liquid oil, and beeswax. Shea oil is great as the liquid wax segment of the lotion bar formula.

# Use in Homemade Soap

Shea oil has a natural high saponification value that makes it the perfect ingredient to be used in homemade soap.

# Add to Healing Foot Lotion

Because of the nourishing assistance of Shea oil, it an amazing addition to healing foot lotion formula.

# Nail Conditioning Treatment

You can add Shea nut oil in nail conditioning moisturizer with the following ingredients-

10 drops mandarin essential oil

15 drops lavender essential oil

½ ounce jojoba oil

½ ounce Shea nut oil

Blend together in a one-ounce of a dropper bottle. Shake to the mixture. Take a few drops and massage into nails and cuticles to strengthen and soften.

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