Discover the Shea Butter Extravaganza: Join Us on May Day in Fort Langley!

Discover the Shea Butter Extravaganza: Join Us on May Day in Fort Langley!

Are you looking for quality Shea butter products to have healthy and beautiful skin? Good news for you! This year, we will witness May Day events in Fort Langley with our wide selection of Shea butter skin and hair care products. So, why not visit us to pick your desired ones and enjoy a lot of entertaining options on this special day?

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What You Need to Know about May Day in Fort Langley

The Fort Langley May Day festivities occur annually on the Monday preceding May 25th, which is a designated statutory holiday. It actually happens on the last day of the May long weekend. But in 2023, the 101st edition of this special day is going to happen on 22nd May.

In British Columbia, Canada. May Day is celebrated on the first Monday in May and has been a tradition in the area since 1922. The event is organized by the May Day Celebration Society and brings together residents and visitors for a day of festivities.

However, the celebrations typically feature a pancake breakfast and a parade on Victoria Day. The parade includes floats, marching bands, community groups, and local organizations. The parade route runs through the historic streets of Fort Langley, offering a picturesque backdrop for the celebrations. Spectators line the streets to enjoy it and cheer on the participants.

In addition to the parade, there are various activities and attractions throughout the day. These may include live music performances, dance and theatrical presentations, children's entertainment, food vendors, and artisan markets. The event aims to showcase the community's heritage, culture, and local talent. So, don't miss this opportunity! Come and meet us to explore our variety of collections. 

One of the highlights of the Fort Langley May Day event is the crowning of the May Queen. The May Queen is typically a local high school student chosen for her community involvement and leadership qualities. She leads the parade and represents the spirit of May Day.


Fort Langley May Day provides an opportunity for people of all ages to come together, celebrate, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. It has become a cherished tradition in the community, attracting both locals and visitors from neighbouring areas to join in the festivities. So, wait no more! Join us today to grab our products.