Amazing Benefits Of Using West African Shea Butter

Amazing Benefits Of Using West African Shea Butter

Looking for smooth skin and shiny hair? Then, applying West African Shea butter is the best alternative for you. The use of shea dates back to the past era. Nowadays, it’s not only available in the online market as the raw product but as skin care lotion, cream, or shampoo.

But, before buying raw shea butter or the shea products, read this post. It might be helpful for you to know about shea butter and its applications on hair and skin.

How can shea help to improve your skin and hair?

Shea butter comes from the oily nuts of Karite trees in West Africa. Initially, people used it as oil in the earlier ages. But, now, you can also get them as lotion, shampoo, or soap. So, let’s find how much shea butter is beneficial to our skin and hair.


For the skin

  • Shea butter is highly effective to apply over your skin. Raw shea butter is a 100% natural moisturizer. It moisturizes it from the deep layers within your body and makes it smoother as well as healthier.
  • Getting wrinkles and fine lines with ages? Well, chemical products can damage it more. But, shea butter has the anti-ageing properties that rejuvenate collagen to regenerate cells. It reduces the wrinkles and softens the skin than before.
  • If your skin gets dry in winter, don’t overlook it. Shea butter contains high-fat content that moisturizes and hydrates your skin. Also, it can heal the heel cracks, knees, or elbows.
  • Do you have stretch marks or scars on your skin? Shea can reduce it due to having extensive hydrating and healing qualities.

How to use it on the skin?

You can use shea butter all over the year. In winter, when you are feeling your hands or heels dry and cracks, take a little amount of shea and apply on the areas. Then, massage it thoroughly until your skin absorbs it well.

Again, in the summer, you can apply shea after a day of stepping out in the sun for better skin hydration. Also, it can reduce skin burns as well.

On the flip, for chapped or cracked lips, you can also use raw shea butter or shea cream during the winter. Take a little dab and apply twice a day to make the lips are soft and smooth.


For hair

  • Using oil that comes from Shea butter strengthens the hair and prevents breakage.
  • Shea butter can moisturize dull and dry hair as well as reduce frizz.
  • Shea has anti-inflammatory properties to fight with scalp irritation and dandruff.

How to apply on hair

If you feel irritation in the scalp due to dandruff, shea can soothe your scalp and prevents dryness as well. Use a small amount of butter and section off your hair to massage it in a circular motion. Also, to get rid of dull and frizzy hair, you can comb shea butter through your hair before shampooing.

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