African Lavender Black Soap

You will be amazed knowing these astonishing qualities of African lavender black soap!

Here at African Fair Trade Society we believe that the Nature has everything preserved for us! Whatever we need to live our life gracefully, we can collect that from here. Many would be surprised to know that nature also provides elements for beautification too.

Shea Butter!! Yes, this is one natural element that has plenty of benefits for human skin and now, it is our one of the best practices to utilize the beneficial attributes of this element and we have produced numbers of products with this substance. The lavender black soap is one of that which is in high demand. The demand of this African Lavender Black Soap is tremendous and we are very happy to see that people (not only in Africa but, in the entire world) are accepting this product.

Time to explore the real benefits of this soap

Soap – a very commonly used beauty product that has its utilization beyond beauty enhancement! Soap is used for so many other needs and believe it or not, Shea Butter serves all those needs quite effectively. This natural element has so many other benefits.

Shea Butter Soap

The popularity of African Black Soap is worldwide and it’s been used for centuries to heal all the different types of skin problems. Many of us may not know that this substance contains various nutritional values that are really good for skin. It helps to deal with thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps and also to eliminate the blemishes. It is almost unbelievable that now you can have all these spectacular qualities in a soap. Usually there are cosmetics and beauty products for all these needs separately but, with this one product, you can serve all these needs. Having so much of positive qualities is one of the reasons why the demand of African Lavender Black Soap online is so huge!

Well, this is not just the end of the positive attributes, as African Fair Trade Society is one of the reliable and renowned suppliers and wholesalers of shea butter online, we use this natural element in all our products. This contains Vitamin A and E which are great source of nutrition that are good for skin and apart from that, it also contains some specific fatty acids that are effective to make the skin softer, smoother and glowing of course!

The best online store for Shea butter products

We boast ourselves as the best online supplier and wholesaler of different types of African Shea butter products which include; Shea butter soap, Pure Shea butter, Shea butter cream and lotion, Hair and skin care products and etc.

Talking about the black soap, we have two different products: African black soap organic Lavender Geranium Scented and African black soap Organic Unscented. Both these products are highly appreciated by the users and we are trying to add some more in this category.

We also have a number of body care products and Citrus Ginger Body Cream, Harmony Body Cream, Rose Body Cream, Lavender Body Cream are to name a few! All these products contain shea butter as one of the key ingredients. Moving on from skin care products, we have many hair care products too that are making huge demand throughout the world. Some of the hair care products are – Revitalizing Scalp Tonic, Rejuvenating Conditioner, Hair Growth Energizing Shampoo and etc.

What makes us unique in the business?

Well, there are indeed a few things that make us unique than others and perhaps, these are the reasons that make us one of the most reputed supplier of shea butter products online. Here’s a glimpse for you:

  • All our products are prepared in an environmentally friendly manner
  • We do not taste the ingredients on animals
  • No chemicals, mineral oils or filters are added with the products
  • We utilize the raw form of the Shea butter that keep its nutritional values intact
  • Most importantly, we use a certain percentage of our profit of Shea butter sales to establish a channel of micro-aid to small improvised communities in Western Africa.


So, if you have decided to buy African Lavender Black Soap online or any other Shea Butter products online, then African Fair Trade Society is just the best place for you. You can visit us at to explore more details and information about our other shea butter products.