4 Reasons Why You Can Ditch Your Body Lotion for Shea Butter

4 Reasons Why You Can Ditch Your Body Lotion for Shea Butter
Isn’t your body lotion effective against your skin dryness during this winter? It means your skin needs a richer dose of moisturization. And that is where Shea butter comes into the picture. This natural fat is not only richer than body lotion but has also been proven to be quite effective in rejuvenating the skin. So, whatever body lotion you use, it’s time to eliminate it from your skin care regimen and embrace this magical butter.

What Shea Butter Can Do for Your Skin

1. Natural Moisturizer

Shea butter is well known for its moisturizing properties. It locks moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated all day. It plays an important role in healing dry patches around the knees and elbows. And this is what sets Shea butter apart from other body butter and lotions.

2. Anti-Ageing Properties

Shea butter comes with Vitamin A and C, which are known for anti-ageing properties. Shea butter can boost collagen production, which can keep your skin youthful, supple, and radiant. And applying Shea butter every day will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the body. This natural butter will also protect your skin from UV rays and pollution.

3. Combats Skin Inflammation

Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, by applying Shea butter, you can easily get rid of inflammations caused by rosacea and dermatitis. It can also treat sunburn, cuts, and rashes.

4. Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are visible when the skin stretches beyond its elastic capacity. This may usually happen during pregnancy and due to weight gain. But Shea butter plays an important role in improving the elasticity of the skin, which results in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

The best time to use Shea butter on your skin is after taking a bath. Take a generous amount of Shea butter and massage it in upward strokes until it’s absorbed.

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