100% Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter from African Fair Trade Society

Shea butter is used for moisturizing and its healing properties. It can be used as a lotion, cream or even for natural hair remedies. She butter is extracted from the fat of karite tree that grows in Africa. It has been used as the best skin moisturizing agent and also as a hair conditioner too that helps in getting relief from the dry, damaged and dull hair. As an unrefined material, it is used for the process of cooking too. It can also be used to make candles, coat on wood products. Shea butter has nutrients and nourishes the skin by fulfilling the deficiency of vitamin a and vitamin e.

The Shea butter is extracted from the fat of the tree and afterwards mixed with nuts. It is roasted and afterwards grounded to convert into a paste by adding some water. The material formed is in the form of curd. The curd is then boiled and the extra water is evaporated. The left over part is the unrefined shea butter.

The unrefined shea butter is not as same as raw shea butter. The Raw unrefined African Shea butter is filtered using a cheese cloth. It can be later filtered and moulded in the form of sticks and bars. The Shea butter contains oelic and stearic acid that makes it nutritive. This rich combination makes it useful in treating many hair problems and skin allergies too. It is free of all the chemicals from all the refinement processes. It is also recommended as the best form of shea butter.