Want to Avoid Early Expiration of Shea Butter? Follow These Useful Tips!

Want to Avoid Early Expiration of Shea Butter? Follow These Useful Tips!

Exposure to sunlight and high temperature can speed up the process of Shea butter expiration. Hence,  it’s highly recommended not to keep it next to the outdoor windows and heating appliances. Besides, the tips that we have introduced in this blog can help you store Shea butter in good condition.

Tips to Keep Shea Butter Fresh for a Long Time

Use Shea Butter With Dry Hands

Do you apply Shea butter after a shower? It’s indeed the right time to moisturize your skin. But if you place your wet hands into the Shea butter, you invite bacteria and mold on this fat. Hence, make sure you dry off your hands before coming into contact with Shea butter. Otherwise, it can rapidly expire.

Use Ultraviolet Container

It’s best to store Shea butter in an ultraviolet glass jar. This container can protect the Shea butter from exposure to the sun rays. And this is what will prevent oxidation from happening. It means if you don’t keep Shea butter in a dark place, you can rest assured that the element will not be expired at a faster rate.

Use Air Tight Storage

If you want to keep Shea butter fresher for a long time, it’s highly advisable to keep it in airtight storage. And that’s what will slow down the natural oxidation process when storing it in a dry or dark place. In this regard, you can use a glass jar, plastic lid container, zip lock bag, etc.

Store It in the Refrigerator

Are you living in an area where the temperature fluctuates day and night? Changes in heat can lead Shea butter to expiring soon. Hence, it’s better to keep it in a refrigerator for constant temperature.

Concluding Lines

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