The African Fair Trade Society is currently working on three initiatives in rural Senegal. All of these initiatives could not be possible without the support of generous and caring individuals and groups. We need to thank so many people for the support over the past few years. Read below for our latest education programs.

Your purchase of African Fair Trade Society products helps fund a new College in Dakateli


Dakateli College

The AFTS is raising funds for the building of a new college in Dakateli. We have be asked by the “Parents Association of Students of Dakateli” to help them with the building and operating costs of a new college to be built by World Vision in Dakateli. World Vision approached the Parents Association about building a new college that will eventually be operated by the government. In order for this project to succeed World Vision needs the local villagers to contribute 10% of the cost associated with this project. The college is scheduled to start being built in 2011 and be completed by late 2013.

Even though World Vision has asked for a small percentage of the total cost, the Parent Association knows how poor most people are in Dakateli. They simply cannot come up with this money alone. The AFTS in partnership with the Parent Association is asking for your help in raising the money needed for a new college in Dakateli. By purchasing our products or by making a donation to the AFTS, you are helping make the dreams of so many students come true.

We will be posting more news about the college so check back soon!


School Lunch Program

Since March 2008, the African Fair Trade Society has been funding a school lunch program at the l’ecole Dakateli.

Thanks to generous donations from groups such as the Nicola Valley Book Club, our school lunch program is going strong and is one of our most noticeable achievements. We believe that since this lunch program was started two years ago, school enrollment has more than doubled and is one of the major contributing factors in World Vision’s decision to build a college in Dakateli.


School Table and Chairs

As part of Ba Cisse’s trip home to Senegal, he decided to help out a very desperate school. To read about his journey home and the remarkable story about a school in need, please read A Chair for All.